Move-in Process

We can't wait to help you transition into your new place! To help things move along smoothly, we have created a move-in checklist that should help guide you through the process. Be sure to fill out, sign and return a property condition report also!

Here is a move-in checklist that will help walk you through the process of moving into your new residence.

Along with paying first months rent and deposit, you are required to turn this form in before receiving keys to the home.

Please fill this out and send to [email protected] when finished. We will upload to your portal.

Move-In Help

Tenant is responsible for transferring utilities into their name before moving into the property.  The utility change must be active for the date of move in.  If the tenant fails to do so they may be subject to back bills, late fees, or other fines.

Rent and deposit must be paid before moving into the property.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Tenants will receive all applicable keys, garage door openers etc.  At the end of the lease term, the tenant is responsible for turning in any and all copies of the keys and any other items that were given to the tenant at move in.  If tenants fail to deliver these items there will be a minimum of $25 fine per item to their security deposit return.

If applicable (usually only single-family homes) tenant is responsible for all lawn care, landscaping, and exterior upkeep while occupying the premise.  Fines form the HOA  or otherwise will be passed onto the tenant.

Tenant is responsible for relaying any issues with the property at move in.  If the tenant fails to communicate potential issues with the property that the landlord or Core Select, Inc is not already aware of, the tenant may be subject to charges at move out.

Move-out Process

When you intend to vacate one of our properties, it is best for all parties to follow the proper steps. If followed property and the home is left in the condition you received it, you should have no problem getting your full deposit returned.

Here is a move-out checklist that will help walk you through the process.

Use this form to give the proper 30-day notice required for move out. If you do not give notice your lease may go month to month.

Move-out Help

30-day notice is all that is required by Ohio Tenant Law, but this must be given even if your lease is set to end on a certain date.

You can use our notice form below or just email [email protected]

As long as you follow the move-out checklist properly, pay all of your remaining utilities/rent, and did not damage the property beyond normal wear and tear then there should be no issue receiving your full deposit.  You will receive an itemized list of deductions when you move out if there are deductions.

You will receive your deposit within 30 days after you have turned your keys in and given your forwarding address.


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30 Day Notice of Move-out