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Property Management

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Resident Portal

All of our residents receive their own portal to easily make HOA payments & requests.

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Board Access

For HOA's Board members receive special access to budgets and architectural reviews.

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Resale Documents

Selling a home in an HOA requires documentation for the lender, we can handle those requests.

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Annual Meetings

Our team will attend and help your association prepare for your annual meeting.

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We can handle your common area maintenance needs in house and offer discounted rates.

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Property Reviews

Homeowners will receive annual property and area reports with value assessments.

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Rental Tracking

Your tenants can be assigned to your portal so that they can receive critical updates.

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Our team will handle negotiations with any 3rd party contractors to get the best rates.

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If you have delinquent homeowners, we will help guide the association through collections.

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HOA Management

Whatever The Challenge, We Always Deliver A Solution.

We partner with a variety of Landlords and HOA’s  in Central Ohio to help them with their community management needs.  From large condominium complex’s to downtown buildings, we have the experience and systems that will help your community thrive.  Request a proposal today for a no obligation quote.  We also offer exclusive discounts to our residents such as selling at a low listing fee and low management rates as shown below.

Discounted Management

Do you have a rental in a managed community? We can manage your rental within the HOA we are managing at a discounted rate.

Sell at a Discount

Use our secret discounted listing page to list your property for 1% and receive full service if we manage your community.

HOA Management

Common Questions

Unfortunately we do not have typical rates for HOA management.  The services needed for each community can differ greatly.  Because of this we are happy to provide a proposal specific to your community with no obligation.

Yes!  Every resident will receive their own portal where they can see and pay their account balance.  Checking account payments have a $2.00 processing fee and credit cards are charged at cost by the cc company.

Yes, maintenance requests can easily be made from the tenant portal.  At that time we will assess whether or not it is an HOA obligation or an owners responsibility.  We can provide maintenance to owners and bill directly to owners if needed.

Yes, we will provide annual meeting assistance, including sending out notices, secure a location, and providing an agenda with input from the board.

No, we can make recommendations on a good HOA attorney, but like most management companies, we feel it is better for the attorney to be a 3rd party.

Yes, we will do our best to advise the board about their current financial status.  However, it is always up to the association on how they want to manage their finances.

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