Get Ready to Sell

While you are getting ready to list your home there are some easy, but important rules that can really help you get the most for your home.  Our professionals are, of course, prepared to help but we thought this walk through might be of service.  The first step is to begin to de-clutter your home, spruce up your landscaping, and get in the habit of keeping a clean home.

Learn the Market Value

Establishing the proper asking price for your property is incredibly important and requires an experts view of comparable sales data.  Many of the valuation tools you see offered by real estate companies are automated tools that won't give an accurate price.  Using our valuation form will put your data in the hands of one of our agent that will give you a comprehensive and detailed report with no obligation.

Choose a Professional

Of course we would love to be the ones to represent you in your home sale, but it is truly our recommendation to just hire anyone.  We know that many people resist the idea of paying a high commission, and it can feel like a lot of money.  However, handling the sale on your own can end up costing a lot more by earning less for your home or handling the contract poorly.

Marketing Plan

Set up a marketing strategy that will attract the highest quality buyers to your home and feature your property in a great light online.  We use a combination of 3D Tours, HD Photographs, synchronized Open Houses and online syndication to make sure your property gets maximum exposure.


If your property was priced correctly, you should begin courting offers within a reasonable time period.  Depending on the location and desirability of your home, you may even find yourself in a multiple offer situation.  Having an experienced agent helping to guide you through the details of the negotiation can help avoid legal pitfalls or problems down the road.


After you have successfully navigated the terms of the contract, it will be time to move to the closing table.  Here is where you will want to be sure you have communicated with title company to understand all of your closing costs, taxes, and other fees.  You will also want to be certain you have your moving arrangements, since most contracts require you to hand over possession at closing.  Our services team have great connections and can help with the moving process if needed.